Pinar Öner

Pınar Öner, as a designer, researcher and traveler, dedicates her work to these ancient civilizations. She draws constant inspiration from old texts, folklore, ruins and artifacts, travelling to Anatolian cities to search out unique motifs, stylistic elements and design patterns. When she begins her journey of creation, she does extensive research of her design interest and engages in the laborious yet gratifying crafting process.


Öner painstakingly perfects her designs in her atelier in the Grand Bazaar, history’s oldest and best known bazaar in the heart of Old Istanbul. Famous for its jewelers as well as other craftsmen, The Grand Bazaar offers her the pleasure to work side by side with other talented and well known jewelry designers. Her touch modernizes the collective ancient knowledge of design and aesthetics, earning international acclaim: a Pınar Öner Seljuk Art Collection ring was awarded the second runner-up in the bridal category of the coveted Couture Design Awards 2013.

Pınar Öner Design Atelier opened its first boutique in Istanbul’s fashion district Nişantaşı, in 2013. With new ideas to explore and new success stories write, Pınar Öner is creating fresh luxury designs inspired by history and enjoying the attention her unique jewels receive from all over the globe.